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The drawings are lithographs in 1/4" scale, or commonly known as "O" scale. Extensive research is done to ensure that the engines rendered are virtually identical to the real thing. A vast amount of resource material is utilized, including books, diagrams, small-scale drawings, photos, magazines, and even measuring and studying the subject itself.

Technical Steam Locomotive art is very time-consuming and labor intensive; the end result is a print that is remarkable accurate in every detail. The original medium is pencil, and is done with various grades of lead to get the correct tones and shadings. The use of color was intentionally avoided to eliminate any distraction from detailed architechture of the engine machinery. All engines are done showing straight side views, with no perspective angles.

The print sizes run from 11'x16' to 11'x35', done on 100# acid free archival paper. The editions are limited to 500 and are all signed and numbered by the artist. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each print.

All drawings are done by hand with mechanical drwing instruments. The process consists of three steps. First, the outline of the engine is done with hard lead pencil. Second, the outline is darkened. Finally, the fine details are rendered and any necessary shading added, to create the proper effect. They'll hold great appeal for train enthusiasts, transportation, and history buffs, and anyone who appreciates technical machinery highly-detailed to accurate scale and maximum authenticity.

Dealers/Retailers: This is the first broad scale offering of these signed, limited editions. While in regional release we've found the precise style and historic subject matter most appealing for office or den appointment. However, their popularity is broad, including anyone who appreciates mechanical detail and accuracy or has the romance for steam locomotives. These should be very successful as holiday gift suggestions. Rendered in gray tones to best emphasize the technical prospective, they really stand apart from 4-color pints more characteristic of Limited Edition artwork.

Each of these original drawings takes over 500 hours to complete. Many other popular locomotives will soon be completed and will be availible in limited editions and open class soon to increase customer appeal and develop a collector following.

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